Important information about renewal website

Thank you for using our shopping mall.

In order to provide more convenience and useful service to our customers, we opened a new shopping mall at 9:00 am on 20th of March.

Please check our notice for the important information and changes to prevent inconvenience.

Thank you for your cooperation.


1. Homepage renewal schedule (Korean Local Time) 

Discontinue operation on March 19, 2019 at 10:00 am on the current site
Renewal site opened at 9 am on March 20, 2019


2. Site URL

The new site :, which is the same as now.
You can access the previous site with the link on the new intro page.
※ Please access the new site with a new order after the renewal site is opened.
※ Please access the old site with the existing order before ordering renewal.
   (You can use order inquiry, layaway payment, Q&A board)


3. ID

Members ID will be transferred identically, and you will be able to log in to all of our shopping malls with a single ID.
You cannot create multiple accounts (IDs) with the same email on the new site. If you have multiple accounts (IDs) in the same email on an existing site, please use one account (ID) that was automatically transferred.

* Please log in the existing shopping mall with your existing ID and password (before changed).


4. Password

We need your understanding that we have to reset your password inevitably because member’s password on the existing shopping mall can not be transfered by the privacy policy.
Even though it’s cumbersome, please click on “Lost password?” on the login page of the new site and create a new password.
The new password should be more than 12 digits of alphanumeric characters, numbers and special characters.


5. Points

The points will be transferred equally and will be credited for each language used.
If you have any questions, please let us know through Q&A board.


6. Member’s Information

Your email, address, and phone number will be transferred the same as before.
If your information is incorrect, please update to the correct information.


7. Order inquiry

Orders before 10 am on Mar 19 >>> Check your order on the existing site
Orders after 10 am on Mar 19 >>> Check your order on the renewal site


8. Certificate Verification

The Certificate Verification database has integrated and can be checked on the new site.


* If you have any questions, please inquire through the Q&A board.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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