Customer Guide

We have gathered here information about using our website.

Ⅰ. Membership Guide

1. Anyone can register as a member for free so you are able to enjoy special advantages and offers on the Soom Emporium.
2. If you are a registered member, your information will be automatically filled in on the Order Sheet & Certificate of Authenticity.
3. Members can benefit from Store Events and Special Promotions. We will send you hot news as well as our special offers by email. You can also decide not to receive these information if you do not wish to.
4. Every time you purchase a product you get 1% of the sale price as mileage points. Later you would be able to use these points on our websites same as cash for your next purchases. For further information, please refer to the point info page.

1. You can register easily by clicking on the button 'Register' at the top of all our websites.
2. The personal information about every member is safely kept in our database and only administrators are able to see it.

1. You can quickly modify your personal information at anytime.
2. Sign in to your account and enter your desired changes, then click the "Submit" button. Changes take effect immediately.
3. You can Change most of your information in “My Account” except for ID.
4. Please note that we would not be able to deliver your goods correctly if your information is not accurate.。

Please use only one account. If you create multiple accounts, any or all of the following problems can occur :
1. Order form error : your order will be removed.
2. Mileage points error : your points will be removed.
3. Order history error : your order history will be removed.

Unregistered members can also be ordered. But If you are a registered member, you can benefit from Store Events and Special promotions. And you can use your points as same as cash in this shopping mall.

In case you forgot your ID or password, click on the ‘find password' link in the 'Login' section and fill out the popup window.

1. Congratulation e-mail : When the new customer joins as a member, the automatic congraturation e-mail will be sent to the new member.
2. Receipt  order e-mail : When the customer orders, the automatic receipt confirmation of your order will be e-mailed you.
3. Confirm payment e-mail : When we check your payment, the automatic confirmation of the order will be e-mailed you.
4. On shipping e-mail : When we ship out your package, the automatic confirmation of the order on shipping will be e-mailed you.
5. Cancel order e-mail : When your order was cancelled, the automatic cancel e-mail will be sent to the customer.

If you become a member of SOOM, you will receive points according to the order amount.
Points can be viewed at "My Account> My Point" after login.

1. 1 points will be provided when you sign up as a new member.
2. When purchasing as a member, 1% points of order amount will be credited. (1Point=$1)
3. The point will be automatically credited 7 days after the delivery completion date.
4. Points can be used like cash in our shopping mall from 1 points or more.
5. When using a point, please be sure to select 'Use point' when choosing a payment method.
6. Points cannot be credited when ordering as a non-member nor available with using layaway payment.
7. Earned points can not be transferred to another account.
8. Even if you have the same account, points will be credited separately according to the language you are using, and each of the points cannot be combined.
9. The validity period of the points is 12 months from the date of earning.
10. Points will be expired automatically at the end of the month when their validity period ends.
11. Points cannot be refunded by cash nor credited again, so please use them within the period.
12. Earning or using points may be restricted for the discount products, event products, or using discount coupons.
* This notice for the points can be revised or changed after our notice according to the company's policies.

We would like to inform you that you will be converted to a dormant member due to a long-term disconnection to our shopping mall.

  1. Long term disconnected members will be notified by e-mail and converted to dormant members.
  2. The dormant member is the customer who has not logged in for more than one year after the last login.
  3. If the dormant member is log-in again, the member is automatically excluded from dormant member, so there is no restriction using our site.
  4. If one year has elapsed after being a dormant member, the membership will be automatically canceled.

*Please note that even if you switched to a dormant member, you will be restituted from the dormant member if you log-in our site again.

*After being switched to a dormant member, if we cannot find your log-in records in one year, your membership information will be deleted automatically.

You can withdraw from our membership system at anytime. If you wish to withdraw from your membership, please go to your 'My Account' page and click on the 'Membership Withdrawal' button on the top-right and write the reason of your withdrawal. By doing so, you will not receive members advantages anymore as belows.

1. You will not be able to shop with the advantages of a member.
2. When you withdraw from our membership, all points earned will expire and can not be reused.
3. You can not receive new news and event information of SOOM.

If you wish, you can join our membership again at any time.

We at SOOM are committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable shopping experience for all our customers. To this end, SOOM defines a customer exhibiting the problematic behaviors listed below as a Problem Customer and manages them separately for problem resolution.

1.Problematic Behaviors Include

  • Engaging in unethical transactions that harm other consumers, such as hoarding dolls for the purpose of resale or reselling them at exorbitant prices.
  • Imposing financial, psychological, and social burdens on both businesses and consumers by making unreasonable demands or lodging inappropriate complaints during the order process or while using the product.

2.Examples of Such Behaviors

  • Creating multiple accounts to receive benefits intended for one person multiple times.
  • Hoarding products for resale, causing inconvenience to regular consumers and businesses.
  • Purchasing with the intent to resell at inflated prices or habitually engaging in such activities.
  • Repeatedly altering or canceling orders, or habitually demanding refunds
  • Intentionally causing product defects or other unethical behaviors
  • Providing false information, altering evidence, or not complying with laws and regulations.
  • Making excessive demands, unreasonable claims, inappropriate complaints, or engaging in threats and verbal abuse during consultation
  • Habitually lodging malicious complaints, with excessive frequency and severity of problematic behaviors.

If an individual is found to be engaging in the aforementioned problematic behaviors, they will be classified as a Problem Customer. This will result in the suspension of their access to our shopping mall, ability to purchase products, and provision of member benefits. Additionally, they will be prohibited from rejoining in the future.

Ⅱ. Order Guide

If you are a member, you can check your order status from" My Account "menu after login.
If you are not a member, you can check your order status through the menu "Order Tracking".

Order Waiting : When placed order but not yet made a payment or not confirmed for a payment.
Checking Payment : Please be assured that the status will be changed to 'Order received' after confirming the payment within 2 business days without trouble.
Order Received(Order Completed) : When your payment has been confirmed and order has been successfully completed.
Shipping : When the order is being shipped and the invoice number is informed.
Delivery delayed : When the product shipping is delaying.
Shipment Completed : When the product has been delivered.
Order Completed : This is the status that shipment has been completed and the points according to the order amount are credited in your account.
Canceled : Your order has been canceled by your cancellation request or not to be checked your payment.
Refund Completed : Your refund has been processed by your request.
* Shipping Invoice can also be found in "Home> Login> My Account> Order".

1. Credit card and PayPal payment with our system : the payment will be checked at once by the SOOM Emporium's automatic payment confirm system.

2. PayPal payment without our system : the payment will be checked by Administrator and it will be confirmed within 2 business days. So please check your payment later.

※ PayPal payment service has been ended as of June 2023.

※ Cancellation of order can be refundable only if you cancel your order within 24 hours after payment. If the order is canceled due to customer's change of mind or mistake, any charges incurred during the order payment or cancellation and refund process should be paid by the customer, and the refund amount may differ depending on the exchange rate. Especially, made to order products cannot be canceled after 24 hours from the payment. In case of unavoidable cancellation is needed due to customer's situations, inventory handling cost (25% of order amount) will be charged, so please make an order after checking the following precautions carefully.

1. Cancel your order before payment - All items
You can cancel your order before your payment. If you want to cancel, please log in to My Account page and click the 'Cancel' button for the order.

2. Automatic cancel of order - All Items
If payment confirmation cannot be made within 2 days from the order date, the order will be automatically canceled. If you want to recover your order after automatic cancellation, please request us to recover your order thorough our Q&A board. Limited quantity, out of stock or end of order period items may not be recoverable.

3. Order cancellation before shipping your order
Shipping and return charges will not be charged if the order cancellation is normally confirmed before SOOM ships your order.

4. Order cancellation after shipping your order
If the order has already been shipped when the order cancellation request is received, the shipping/return cost in addition to the payment/cancellation fee should be paid by the customer.

5. Cancel orders for 'Made to Order' - All Resin Dolls and Limited Products
Basically, "Made to Order" cannot be canceled after 48 hours from the payment date. In case of layaway order, it is not possible to cancel the order after 48 hours from the first payment date. Our all resin dolls and most outfit, wigs and optional parts are basically made to order according to your order requirement, and we will proceed with the production after confirming your payment. So if you cancel the order, inventory handling cost (25% of the total order amount) will be charged, so please make an order carefully.

1. You can change the order of colors, options, and quantities during the ordering period of the product.
If you would like to change, please let us know your order change through Q&A board.
If the order period ends, we will not be able to change the order because the material purchase and production are already in progress.

2. Personal product options and configuration change requests are not possible.
Our dolls are basically produced with the photos and option configurations introduced on the product page. Other requests for make-up, change of materials, change of options, etc., are not be available.

We offer our own non-interest layaway program in order to reduce your budget burden. Details as below.

1. layaway orders will only apply to orders with a total order amount of at least $300(Includes the delivery fee).

2. Depending on the amount of your order, you can choose the payment option from minimum 60 days up to 90 days.
- Orders over $300 - Within 60 days from the order date, can be paid up to 3 times
- Orders over $600 - Within 90 days from the order date, can be paid up to 4 times

3. The installment payment must be paid on an evenly divided monthly basis until the specified day of the month, every month.

Ex) If the order amount is more than $300 : When ordering on January 1, the first payment must be completed on the day of order, the second payment by February 1, the last payment by March 1, You must complete it.

Ex) If the order amount is more than $600 : When ordering on January 1, the first payment must be completed on the day of order, the second payment by February 1, the third payment by March 1, Payment must be made by April 1 as the expiration date.

4. Please note that the order can be canceled automatically in the following cases.
- You have not paid the first deposit within 24 hours(1 business day) from the order date.
- If the first payment amount is insufficient or less than 25% when ordering
- If you do not observe the payment date and payment amount each month

※ Cancellation of order can be refundable only if you cancel your order within 24 hours after your first payment.
But if the production has already been started after that or if the order is canceled due to non-compliance with the payment date or amount during the layaway period, 25% inventory charge will be charged from the total order amount (excluding shipping costs), and the remaining amount will be refunded in points. So please pay attention to this and place your order carefully.

※ We limit the installment period to 60~90 days(3~4 times) in order to provide you the doll that you ordered in the best condition. Due to the storage circumstance and the nature of the resin material, it is highly occurred that discoloration will increase as time goes by, so please kindly understand for that we inevitably limit the period.

※ When you select the Soom layaway payment, you can input your holding points and use them like cash, and the amount should be paid for each payment is reduced by the amount of points you entered. Therefore, the use of points on the payment page for each payment is not available.

The process of ordering goods as a nonmember is not much different from the process of ordering as a member.

1. Select the desired product and fill out the order form.
2. When you fill out the order form, please be sure to enter your e-mail address, shipping address and contact information.
3. Please set a password to check your order contents and prevent personal information leakage.
4. To check the details of your order as a non-member, click 'Order Tracking' at the top of the homepage and enter the order number, email, and password you created at the time of ordering.

In some countries, orders may be subject to strict control by local customs, and beyond the scope of our control, delays in delivery, declaration of imports, and imposition of duties may occur. Therefore, it is recommended that you check with your local customs office before ordering for details of current import restrictions and tax rates. Please note that we are not responsible for any problems arising from customs at the destination country, such as customs declaration obligations, customs duties and fees imposed on the goods, and reshipping fees due to returns.

Ⅲ. Payment Guide

1) Select the options and quantity and add it to your shopping cart.
2) Click the shopping cart icon to proceed with the payment.
3) Check your order details, then select the shipping method. (Usually select the EMS)
4) Enter your shipping address, then select the Credit Card.
5) Enter your card information, then click next button.
6) Confirm the payment completed.
* Payment service providers for the payment are VISA, MASTER, JCB, Amex, Union Pay.
* Available cards must be issued from overseas except Korea.
* If the card is issued in Korea, please use it only on Korean site.
* If you have inconveniences or problems during the payment process, please let us know at Q&A board and we will improve it quickly.

1. To register for PayPal, please visit "".
PayPal is the world's most popular online money transfer service. PayPal account transfer fees are free, with e-mail addresses being used as bank account numbers and electronic funds transfer between PayPal accounts. If you only have an e-mail address and a credit card, you can use it after simple registration. Your account information or transaction details are encrypted and protected, and personal information such as the credit card number you have registered will not be revealed to the other party during the transfer.

2. PayPal payment method
1) Select the options and quantity and add it to your shopping cart.
2) Click the shopping cart icon to proceed with the payment.
3) Check your order details, then select the shipping method. (Usually select the EMS)
4) Enter your shipping address, then select the PayPal Express.
5) Enter your the PayPal account, then click next button.
6) Enter your password then click the Log in button.
7) Select the payment method, then click the Pay Now button.
8) Check your order details (amount, shipping address, order number)
3. PayPal direct payment method
Please obtain all information from "Order Status" page (order number, product name, price, shipping address, etc.) of SOOM shopping mall, then go to and log in and pay. It includes payment subject, exact address, and order number. Please check our PayPal account below.

SOOM PayPal Account :

4. Confirm payment
1) Credit card and PayPal payment system at the SOOM shopping mall : It is automatically linked with the payment system of the SOOM Emporium, so payment confirmation is possible immediately.
2) PayPal payment: It is confirmed within 3 business days by the administrator manually. Please confirm the order status afterwards.

※ If you have a problem with PayPal payment, please refer to the help of "".

1. To register for AliPay, please visit "".
Alipay is the largest electronic payment service in China, providing safe, easy, fast online remittance and deposit services.

2. AliPay payment method
1) Add to shopping cart after selecting desired options and quantity.
2) Click the shopping cart icon to proceed with the payment.
3) After checking your order details, select shipping method. (Usually EMS is selected)
4) After entering your shipping address, select the payment method as the AliPay.
5) Scan the QR code on the screen by your smartphone and proceed with the payment.
5-1) (Payment by PC) Enter your account information, password, and click Next button.
5-2) (Payment by PC) Confirm the amount, re-enter the password and proceed with the payment.
6) Confirm payment details.

SOOM AliPay Account :

[View PDF file for the payment method]

3. Product prices in Chinese shopping mall are displayed in USD but paid in CNY(Chinese Yuan).

When you make a payment, CNY and USD are displayed together. Actual payment is automatically converted according to the exchange rate at the same day, then it will be paid in CNY. However, even if the same product, the amount of CNY payment may be changed according to the exchange rate. We give the price of CNY according to the average exchange rate for your reference, there may be a difference caused by the exchange rate depending on the actual payment time.

4. Global Alipay payment
Because Alipay is only used for customers who have verified transactions, unauthenticated customers cannot use Alipay.
(For details, please see Alipay link)
Therefore, if you a customer who is not certified such as from Taiwan or Hong Kong, please use a different payment method.
(Credit card payment, Wire transfer, PayPal, etc.)

5. Direct Wire Transfer
Please pay through the payment window linked to the SOOM shopping mall.

※ If you have any inconveniences during the payment process, please feel free to ask on our Q&A bulletin board.

1) Select the options and quantity and add it to your shopping cart.
2) Click the shopping cart icon to proceed with the payment.
3) Check your order details, then select the shipping method.
4) You can use your holding points if you have them.
5) Enter your shipping address, then select the Soom Layaway.
6) Check your order details, then make a payment for the 1st layaway*.
* Points cannot be used repeatedly when making payment for each layaway payment.
7) Select the payment method*.

* Please refer to the steps for each payment method.

※ Please note that if your first payment is not confirmed, the order will be canceled automatically. 

[View payment instructions]

Ⅳ. Shipping Guide

Our products are divided into pre-order and general products, and depending on whether the product is manufactured, the production period is as follows.

1. Pre-ordered products* (Dolls, Parts, Eyes, Wigs, Outfits, Shoes, Accessories, etc.)
Shipped in 8~12 weeks(60~90 days) after your full payment day, or may take more than that in some cases.

*Pre-order products are produced through collaboration with artists in each field. So detailed process is required, and please note that the production period may be extended depending on the difficulty of the work and the order quantity.

2.General products (Additional products required for doll care, such as assembly, makeup, customize supplies, etc.)
Ships in 1~2 workdays after your full payment day (If the order quantity exceeds the stock quantity, the preparation period may change).

※ SOOM's basic policy is to ship as quickly as possible. But since providing excellent quality is more important than fast delivery, production requires detailed work by multiple artists.
We would like to send you better quality dolls to reward our customers' waiting, so we ask for your cooperation and patience.

Estimated delivery time (based on business day) will take about 2~3 days for domestic delivery, 7~10 days for international delivery, but delivery may be delayed depending on the destination country customs situation, such as Saturdays, holidays and other reasons due to holiday or natural disasters, the period will be excluded from the delivery period.
SOOM uses EMS for overseas delivery, EMS delivery usually takes 3~7 days, and general delivery usually takes 14~30 days.
Your product will be delivered to the address on your order form. If your mailing address is incorrect, please be noted that your order may be delayed until we receive the necessary information from the shipping department.

1. SOOM uses the Express Mail Service(EMS) international delivery system to process shipments. International shipping charges are automatically set based on EMS pricing and will be automatically notified on your order. You can choose your shipping cost from EMS and EMS Premium*.
* EMS Premium service offers shipping a bit faster than EMS. Please note that it may not be possible to ship fast depending on the destination country and the item.
2. For domestic delivery, we will process the delivery using CJ-GLS(Korea Express) delivery system. Domestic shipping charges are 2,500 won (including remote place, Jeju Island: 3,000 won additional), and free shipping when ordering over 50,000 won.
3. Heavy and oversized items that exceed shipping rates may incur additional charges.
4. All doll products and goods will be prepared by Korean head office and delivered to you directly.
5. Your invoice number will be automatically sent to you by e-mail.
6. Enter the invoice number on the Shipping Tracking page to view the delivery status directly.

1. In case of bundle shipping is available
- If your order 1 doll and small and light items (eyeball, wig, outfit, shoes, etc.) in a shopping cart (cart), they are processed as a single order and bundled.

2. If you can not ship the bundle
- 2 dolls, heavy and bulky items, items with high risk of damage
- More than two orders with different order dates

※ We have provided some bundle shipping service by customer's request. However, if dolls are shipping together, there is a high possibility of damage. If two different orders are combined, it will not be processed due to wrong delivery system. Please understand that these policies are designed to improve your delivery and customer service.

If you do not receive the product after one week of receiving the mail from the SOOM, please refer to the following cases for quick resolution.

CASE 1. Delayed delivery at the post office by mistyping the address
1) Please leave the SOOM Customer Center (Q&A bulletin board) that you have not received your order yet, your order number, and your email information.
2) We will send the information about delivery of goods to you on the bulletin board reply or your mail in SOOM.
3) Visit the post office with your identity card and shipping address information to find it.

CASE 2. If the parcel were delivered but you were absent
1) If the customer is absent, the 'absence notice' will be left. Please ask for re-delivery to the post office based on the "Missing Notice".
2) The storage period differs depending on the country. Once the storage period has elapsed, goods can be returned to SOOM again. Please note that delivery expenses and handling fees will be borne by the customer when shipping the returned goods due to absence.
3) If you have not received the "Missing Notice", please leave the order number and e-mail information in the Q&A board that you have not received the goods yet. we will reply to Q&A about delivery place information of order goods.
4) Please contact your nearest post office with your identification and shipping information.

International shipping products will be delivered to you after the customs inspection of the imported goods at the destination country.
Most of them are customs clearance, but in rare cases, delaying occurs depending on the country of destination. Customs clearance is mostly waiting for customs declaration of goods and payment of customs duties. Customs duties may be imposed on customs clearance if the amount of declaration is over a certain level. Because customs rules and local conditions are very different, customs matters are the fastest way to get in touch with customs in your country.

1. In case of overseas delivery, the buyer is obliged to declare imported goods according to customs rules of the destination country. During this process, you may be subject to customs duties and other taxes.

2. SOOM is not responsible for the obligations of customs in connection with international orders. SOOM does not include tariffs, taxes, reshipments, etc. in the prices of sales items because it is impossible to predict or control the customs clearance of overseas customs.

3. SOOM does not underestimate the amount of customs declaration for all goods, and all goods must be declared or insured with the purchase amount. Undervalued products are not guaranteed in any case. If the purchase amount is not declared or guaranteed, the buyer will be liable for lost or damaged shipments. Also, customs clearance may be imposed on customs clearance depending on the amount of money to be sent to the waybill. Please contact your nearest post office or Customs.

In order to receive appropriate compensation for accidents occurring during shipment, when the goods are shipped, hold the product acceptance signature and open the box in front of the shipping company staff member to check that there is a damaged product in the delivery, wish. If any parts are found damaged during shipment, please do the following.

1. When damage is occurred
Please keep the shipping box of the product and ask for the following measures.
1) Please take pictures as they are delivered (external courier box, inner product box, packing condition, etc.).
2) Please take a picture of the broken goods (photographing in natural light so as to check the color of doll and parts).
3) Please make sure to notify the post office or your local post office about the damage report.
The damage report must be received within 1-2 days of receipt. If the damage report is late, the burden of the damage to the customer is increased, and it may be difficult to receive the right compensation.
Ex) If you report damage after 1 week after receipt of the product, it is often seen as damage due to your carelessness. In this case, you will not be able to process the compensation. If the damage report is late or if the damage report is not made, SOOM can not proceed with any compensation process.
4) After completing the damage report, attach a damage report number and photos issued by the shipping company and leave a reminder in the Q&A board of SOOM.
5) Please be sure to report to the shipping company EMS for damaged, or lost items in order to receive appropriate compensation. SOOM is not responsible for the post-processing of all products that have not received notification of damage during shipment. SOOM will prepare to send replacement items to you after confirming that the damage report has been properly received. In some cases, it can take a considerable amount of time to process the compensation after the damage report.

2. Damage Compensation Guide
The compensation for damaged items during shipment is calculated as the cost related to the re-shipment / replacement / AS of the damaged item, including the shipping cost. Therefore, if there is no problem in the procedure after the damage report, you can get a new product / exchange / AS for the damaged product at no additional cost.
Please note that we will not issue a refund if the EMS / applicable carrier fails to report any damage to your account, and that your damage will not be considered free of charge.

3. Notes on unpacking
We use a lot of packaging materials to prevent damage when shipping products. In the case of packaging materials such as air caps, it is a very tough packing material. If you force or force it to tear it off by hand, it may damage the parts that are fixed inside. When removing the packing material that protects the parts, carefully cut it out with small scissors, etc., and slowly peel it off without giving any force.

We will do our best for safer delivery and quick post-processing.

The "Returned Product" and "Unshipped Product", which are not be communicated to the purchaser due to unclear information or recipient, an error or unconfirmation of e-mail, we will process according to the following rules to prevent drop in merchandise value and storage problems. Please check in advance that there is no incorrect or change in order information.

  • Maximum keeping period for returned goods: Up to 6 months from returned date.
  • Maximum keeping period for unshipped goods: Up to 1 year from ordering date.
  • If there is no response from the customer within the period, the product can be discarded or disposed at will.

Ⅴ. Exchange & Refund Guide

SOOM dolls are 'made to order products' by customer requests, so cancellations, exchanges, or returns are basically impossible. But in case of cancellation/refund due to reasons attributable to us, we will refund you in full. In case of unavoidable cancellation/exchange is needed due to customer's situations, inventory handling cost (25% of order amount) and any charges incurred during the payment/cancellation should be paid by the customer, so please make an order carefully.

If you find a defect, damage, omission, or mis-delivery of your order, please request us an exchange/return through our Q&A board within 7 days from the arrival of the product.
Exchanges and refunds are possible if the product is defective.
If the product is confirmed to be defective, it can be exchanged for the same product.
In general, it is necessary to check the product before returning it, so please contact us on our Q&A board before returning the product, then we will guide you the return process or exchange or refund process. Please note that exchange and refund may not be acceptable if the product is returned unilaterally by ignoring SOOM's confirmation and return procedures.

※ In case of cancellation of order due to customer’s change of mind or mistake, any charges incurred during the order payment or cancellation and refund process should be paid by the customer, and the refund amount may differ depending on the exchange rate.

If you request us a return within 10 days after the product has already been shipped, we will refund the amount excluding inventory handling cost (25% of order amount) and payment/cancellation fee. However, all products should be returned as new, unused products. All components of the product should be present without omission, and should be returned in a resaleable condition. If the value of the product has decreased due to use, deformation, damage, loss, etc., please note that exchange or refund is not possible. The product should be returned within 15 days of SOOM's approval of your return request. If it is returned after 15 days, SOOM has the right to refuse returns.

Ⅵ. After Service Guide

1. All dolls of SOOM are issued by a certificate proving that is genuine.

2. Certificates are required when requesting an A/S. It is not possible to get A/S if you do not have a certificate for your doll, please keep the certificate not to be lost.

3. You can check the model number, date of purchase, owner (first purchaser) information by inquiring 'Authorized Serial Number' at the bottom of SOOM website.

4. If you do not see the answer even though you have entered the correct certification number, please contact us by attaching the picture of the certificate through Q&A board.

5. Certificate can not be changed after the initial issues, it can not be reissued due to the change of name, loss or damage for the transfer.

6. Our dolls released after 2021 are available with the smart authentication. If you tag with the NFC function activated device closer to the doll's head or chest part, you can check the certificate verification information on the screen.

We guarantee the warranty for our dolls as below.

1. Free A/S applicable
If the product is defective and A/S application is received within 7 days from the date of receiving the product, SOOM provides free repair service.

2. A/S with paid applicable
If the product damaged by the customer's fault, it will be provided A/S with paid. Due to the material and manufacturing attribute of the product, there may be color differences with the dolls purchased previously.

3. A/S Warranty Period
You can apply at any time as the warranty offer period is not limited.
But due to the large number of molds we have been made so far, some of the discontinued or discarded products may be difficult to provide warranty depending on the mold status.
For this matter, we guarantee the absolute warranty period for 2 years from the date of shipment, and during that time, we keep the molds for all the dolls and parts, ensuring the perfect warranty.
And most of the molds are managed so that they can always be worked for the production after the absolute warranty period is over, so please feel free to request for the warranty.

4. Return and shipping costs for A/S
If the A/S is not free of charge by to our fault, it will be handled at your own expense.

We accept A/S for the defective product by the following procedure.
※ A/S requests must be submitted via Q&A board.

1. Required information: Order number, buyer ID, E-mail, certificate number
2. You can send us a picture showing the status of the dolls that need faster A/S.
3. Before proceeding with the return process, the confirmation process from SOOM must be carried out first. Therefore, please be sure to apply for AS before returning the goods.
4. If you are returning the goods by return authorization of SOOM for the A/S, please send to the following address.
- To : SOOM Korea Ltd. CS TEAM
- Address : #B211 Hongmungwan Bldg, Hongik University, 94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.
- Postal Code (Zip Code) : 04066
- Tel : +82 70 4607 6584
5. Once the AS is completed, the product will be re-shipped to the address on the order form. If the address has changed, please provide the correct address.

Defective will be exchanged and refunded by SOOM with the following procedure.

1. Please submit the defective product through SOOM Q&A board within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product to the address specified in the order form.

2. If SOOM determines that the product is defective, we will guide you through the return process to replace or refund the same product. All return procedures must be confirmed and return approved by SOOM before return. Therefore, please contact Q&A board before returning the item.

3. When returning, please be sure to send all accessories and manuals as unused items. Please note that if the product and its accessories are damaged or lost and the value of the product is lost, it cannot be exchanged or get refund.

4. Return charges will be handled at SOOM's expense. If you send your prepaid shipment, please send us a picture of the shipment include decription of shipping cost by Q&A board, and we will refund you by the points (3% extra for the payment).

SOOM Customer Center Operating Hours (Korea Standard Time)
- Weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm (lunch time from 11:30 to 1:00 pm)
- Saturdays, Sundays, and Republic of Korea legal holidays are closed.
* For other holidays, please refer to our News & Notice bulletin board.

Last updated on 14/09/2023