Volume Weight Application Notice for the EMS Overseas Shipping

Thank you for loving our doll.
Due to Covid-19, the overseas shipping situation is becoming difficult in many ways
. 🙁

Especially as the air transport supply has been reduced, the amount of cargo waiting to rise sharply,
so airlines are struggling to load more cargo in a limited space

In the process, they’re damaged by the transportation of bulky parcel increasing compared to the weight,
So from December 15, 2020, EMS changes to apply international shipping rates from a single rate based on the weight to the larger value by comparing the weight or volume weight

* Volume weight (g): The value obtained by converting the volume of the cargo into weight. Width x length x height (cm) ÷ 6

Therefore, the shipping rate on our website will also be applied from February 16, 2021 as the revised rate of the EMS.
The shipping rate for the EMS premium is also applied as a larger value by comparing the actual weight and volume weight

So we will use the appropriate sized packaging and refraining excessive use of cushioning materials for the shipment to minimize the shipping cost.

We ask for your understanding until this pandemic will be ended as soon as possible.
We will do the best for stable delivery.
Thank you very much


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