It is difficult to figure how much artistic inspiration & craftsmanship take to create a doll. We express our gratitude even though we cannot concern every artists who should be remembered during 20 years history of SOOM. Artists introduced here are people who have been contributed greatly to the SOOM with their outstanding artistic inspiration and excellent skills. We express our deepest appreciation for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Owen Lee / CEO, Director 

with Gratitude

Selection Criteria

SArtists who created masterpieces representing SOOM
Artists who contributed to SOOM's Artistry and Innovation
Artists who made a special contribution

SOOM Artistic Honors Benefits

SOOM Official Gift / Employee Discount / Holiday gift / Event support / Resort membership

Honors List

Head Sculptor

Choi Seonhye

LG body (2011), Bygg & Beyla (2009), Glot & Glati, TG body (2009), SG body (2006) MiGF body (2005), etc.

Costume Designer

Lee Hyeyeong

Skoll & Hati, Shale (2014), Glot & Glati (2009), Amber, Topaz, Sard, Beryl (2008), etc.

Head Sculptor

Jeong Hyeeun

Armeria, Marguerite, Fir, Violet, Camellia (2010), Amber (2009), Dia (2007), etc.

Costume Designer

Jo Hyejeong

Fir, Marguerite, Violet, Camellia, Sakura (2009), etc.

Make-up Artist

Kim Mihee

Hazel, Fir (2021), Armelia, Maguerite, Violet, Camellia, Sakura (2015), etc.

Head Sculptor

Kim Jeongmi

Vincent (2018), Raon (2017),  Bunny & Honey (2016), Dorothy, Zard (2015), Delilah (2011), etc.

Make-up Artist

Gam Jieun

Zak (2020), Ender (2019), Jerome, Void (2018), Sard, Garion (2017), Hyperon (2016), etc.

Costume Designer

Jeong Sehyeon

Delilah, Nor & Dune (2021), Euclase, IO (2020), Void (2018), etc.

Make-up Artist

Kim Siyeon

D.Garion, D.Amor, Ender (2021), V.Hyperon, River, Hyun, Zak (2020), Kay (2019), Narmer, Lim (2018), etc. 

Costume Designer

Yoo Yangim

Kay (2019), Hyperon (2017), York (2016), Amor (2015), R.Hyperon (2014), etc.

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