Launching Smart Certificate Verification Service for the Soom doll releasing in 2021

Thank you for loving our doll.  🙂

The head and body of the Soom doll that releasing from 2021 have Smart Certificate Verification function.


The Smart Certificate Verification is…

It is a function that allows you to easily and accurately identify whether your doll is genuine or not by using your smartphone.
Even if you loses the certificate, certificate verification is possible,
so it is a service that developed to prevent damage caused by purchase of recast products and to encourage genuine purchase


For more information on how to use…

You can check it at any time in the SUPPORT > Certificate Verification on the Soom official website.
Please refer to the product package of the doll with a certificate and a quick guide enclosed.


This is the first service for us, so if there is a slight inconvenience during use, please give us any advice or suggestions.
We will do the best to improve our service to eradicate the recast dolls and help establish a genuine usage culture

We sincerely appreciate for your great support and help.

Happy New Year~! 


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