EMS shipping fee adjustment notice due to COVID-19 (Sep. 25, 2020)

Thank you for loving our dolls.
We would like to let you know an important notice regarding EMS international shipping

Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, aircraft operations around the world are reduced or suspended, air transportation fees are increasing significantly.
So it makes the post office difficult to provide continuously for air transport services with the existing EMS rates, and as it is inevitable to set and add a special shipping fee, so we’re inevitable to adjust the shipping fee on our website according to the EMS fee policy of them.
But the EMS premium rates are the same as existing rates without any change.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation, and we will do our best to ship your orders safely

Please refer to the updated EMS delivery area as of September 24, 2020. 

EMS delivery areas have been added as of October 6, 2020.

• EMS delivery available area
United States (US) China (CN) Hong Kong (HK) Singapore (SG) Philippines (PH) Vietnam (VN) Japan (JP, limited in some areas) Malaysia (MY) Thailand (TH) Germany (DE) France (FR) United Kingdom ( GB) Russia (RU) Canada (CA) Indonesia (ID) Luxembourg (LU) Bhutan (BT) Slovenia (SI) Netherlands (NL) Taiwan (TW) Mexico (MX) Brazil (BR) Saudi Arabia (SA) Switzerland (CH) Spain (ES) United Arab Emirates (AE) Chile (CL) Kazakhstan (KZ) Qatar (QA) Poland (PL) India (IN)

• EMS PREMIUM available area 
Taiwan (TW) Australia (AU) Italy (IT) Netherlands (NL) New Zealand (NZ) Denmark (DK) Mexico (MX) Brazil (BR) Saudi Arabia (SA) India (IN) Turkey (TR) Spain (ES) Sweden (SE) Switzerland (CH) Chile (CL)
And most regions not covered by EMS available area.    

For safer delivery, We check the status of EMS delivery situation that changes from time to time, and responds to the following according to the delivery area at the time of product delivery.

A) The region where delivery is available
Send out normally. (Most areas are delivered normally, but some areas may delay more than usual depending on the local situations.) 

TIP! Most of the orders that are currently being keeping with a pending shipment request can now be shipped through EMS PREMIUM.
If you wish to convert to the EMS PREMIUM, please contact us through our Q&A board and we will guide you pay for additional fee.
Many customers have been requested shipping via EMS PREMIUM, and it is confirmed that all of them have been delivered safely

B) The region where delivery suspended temporarily
If your region is suspended temporarily due to COVID-19, we will inform you by e-mail before shipping, and we will keep the parcel safely. We will send you an e-mail when your order can be shipped.

• Notice
– The dolls which you requested to hold on to us, are now keeping safely. If you would like us to send them, please contact to us through our Q&A bulletin board.
– If you are unable to receive your parcel at the shipping address due to your local situations, please request a hold on through our Q&A bulletin board before sending out.
– If you have any other inquiry related to shipping, please feel free to contact us through our Q&A bulletin board

We apologize for your any inconvenience due to COVID-19.
We will try our best to ship your order safely.
Thank you for your understanding and have a great day


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