Delivery Delay Due to Covid-19 (2020-03-09)

Thank you for loving our dolls.
Air transport flights are reducing sharply due to the policies around the world for preventing the virus.
Please find the list for EMS delivery delays and temporary suspensions updated March 6, 2020.

• EMS delivery delay area : 
China (CN) Hong Kong (HK) Vietnam (VN) Belgium (BE) France (FR) India (IN) Finland (FI) Malaysia (MY) United Kingdom (GB) Spain (ES) Czech Republic (CZ) Austria (AT) Canada ( CA) Indonesia (ID) Australia (AU) Sweden (SE) Switzerland (CH) Bulgaria (BG) Norway (NO) Ireland (IE) Ukraine (UA) Dubai (AE) Jordan (JO) Azerbaijan (AZ) Romania (RO) Tanzania (TZ) Rwanda (RW) Pakistan (PK) Cyprus (CY) Oman (OM) Maldives (MV) Mozambique (MZ) Bosnia (BA) Macedonia (MK) Georgia (GE) Iran (IR) Tunisia (TN) Croatia (HR) Ethiopia (ET) Latvia (LV) Estonia (EE) Japan (JP part region)

• EMS Suspension Area :

Taiwan (TW) Mongolia (MN) Macau (MO) Italy (IT) Australia (AU, Brisbane) India (IN) Iran (IR) Turkey (TR) Spain (ES) Saudi Arabia (SA) To New Zealand (NZ) Mexico ( MX) Brazil (BR) Chile (CL) Laos (LA) Colombia (CO) Ecuador (EC) El Salvador (SV) United Arab Emirates (AE) Jamaica (JM) Uzbekistan (UZ) Kazakhstan (KZ) Fiji (PJ) Panama (PA) Papua New Guinea (PG) Bermuda (BM) Japan (JP part region)

We’re checking the EMS status that changes from time to time for safer delivery.。

A) The region where delivery stops  :
We will inform you by e-mail befor shipping, and we will keep the parcel safely. We will send you an e-mail when your order can be shipped.

B) The region where delayed delivery :
If the parcels can be shipped normally, we will ship your order even if there is a slight delay. If shipping is not possible, we will inform you.

• Notice
– The dolls which you requested to hold on to us, are now keeping safely. If you would like to send them, please contact to us through our Q&A bulletin board.
– If you are unable to receive your parcel at the shipping address due to your local situations, please request a hold on through our Q&A bulletin board before sending out.
– In order to prevent infectious diseases, non-face-to-face delivery can be carried out, so please be careful to prevent the risk of loss your parcel in your absence.
– Please be advised that EMS is notified of the delay in delivery, the impossibility for indemnity of damage, and takes more than one month in return due to the Covid-19.
– If you have any other inquiry related to shipping, please feel free to leave it through our Q&A bulletin board.

We need your understanding that shipments are inevitably delayed due to reduced flights to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
We will try our best to ship your order safely even if there is a delay. Thank you for your understanding and have a great day.


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