Modigli Bisque

The doll that do not change through 100 years ~ iMda Bisque

iMda Bisque is a ceramic doll baked twice at 730ºC, then at 1230ºC

Once the china painting work is done, it is baked again about 3~5 times.

Thanks to this process, this doll is able to keep its original shape all through 100 years.

Although iMda 3.0 Modigli is 30.5 cm high, iMda Bisque Modigli size has been reduced by 20%.
Once strung, the doll is approximately 26cm high (range of 25.5~26cm).

We use semitransparent porcelain shaped with slipcasting and colour it using china paint.

Unlike the others bisque dolls, our creation comes with a head cap allowing customization.

he colour of the eyes is up to you and can be changed at any time.
Those can be fixed easily with oil clay or epoxy putty.
The epoxy putty may harden with time, but it can be removed by using heat.
The jointed parts are covered with leather in order to prevent damages and noise.

If you wish to customize the doll over the included China Painting, you can use acrylic colours.
You can erase it afterwards using thinner liquid just like the polyurethane face-up materials.
However, the China Painting cannot be removed from the doll skin.

Body Painting Detail

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